Introduction to Label Stamps

Label Stamps are a way to tag domains or subdomains.
For instance, we want to tag as Ads

Create a Label Stamp

Pick a Domain

To create a Label Stamp, you first need to go to the domain you would want to stamp. If the domain does not yet exist, you can simply add it to our database.

When you're viewing your desired domain, you can then 'Add a Stamp'.

Pick a Label & Percentage

You start off by picking a Label, and then defining how strong the label applies. When selecting a binary label, the value must be 0 or 100.

2. Label
3. Percentage

Current Labels

Currently, we only collect data on Trackers & Malware. By narrowing our field we can focus more on the system and add additional labels lateron. Have a look at all our Labels.

Differentiate 1st- & 3rd-party domains

Most sites, such as, do not serve ads and track their users directly. Instead, they implement 3rd-party domains who do the job for them. Take a look  

Three points are clear

Start stamping

Tools for Contribution

If you want to contribute it is highly advised to use tools such as uMatrix. It shows 3rd-party requests of a domain, as shown in the above screenshot.